Saturday, March 06, 2004

Somedays, I Just Don't Know Where to Start...

Such as this piece at DailyKos about how Democrats should push harder in House elections because of the Presidential election. See, if the electoral votes for President are tied, then the House decides, with one vote to each state which are decided by the delegation of representatives.

I think I said that cleary. I mean, besides just the regular problems of the electoral college, why the heck do we bring this decision making scheme into it? Are we still as concerned about state sovereignty as the Framers were so that we want this complicated compromise helping judge who we elect? And this whacked out system isn't just law, it's superlaw, meaning overturning it would be nigh impossible.

Of course in this case, it's just something random that favors conservatives / rural states and not an overall evil. But how can anyone act like we are proud of this system and that the delicate compromises worked out two hundred years ago are still adequate today?


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