Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Of Course, Why Have it At All?

Readers will know I dislike the Constitution largely because it gets in the way of democracy so goddamn much. Still, there is the question whether democracy itself is even "the good". Interesting paper I found over at the very libertarian Mises Institute Blog asking why political theorists don't even ask that question anymore, or provide proofs about why democracy is so damn good. Given that I think our conception of everyone's "right to vote" is so ingrained compared to 500 years ago, I also tend to believe 500 years from now people will find it just as absurd to be ruled over without your personal consent.

So yes, not many good philosophical arguments in favor of democracy according to the paper. Agree? I think our current world sticks with it based on cosequentialist arguments and evidience, that convince most of the democratic populace. But as we embrak on implanting democracy forcefully in the middle east, we'll see if there as easy to convince as well.


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