Friday, March 11, 2005

Last Abortion Post for a while

The pro-choice feminists at Geekery Today are up in arms about laws making the death of a fetus murder. They point to a number of cases where people are being tried for ad-hoc unauthorized abortions, as murder.

They didn’t go through the extensive bureaucratic paperwork, privacy-invading parental notification measures, artificially inflated expense, traumatic harassment by screeching fundamentalists, or invasive surgery that the states of Michigan and Texas impose on young women seeking an abortion. And for that, the prosecutors are going after them with a charge of murder.

This is what happens when the laws we follow have no source among the people! You get conflict between the legislatures trying to place laws to make that super law as moot as possible, you get members of the government like prosecutors and judges using any excuse they can to stretch the law, you get massive mobs creating social coercion, you get people unwiling to exercise their rights, you get providers raising the costs of such operations, and you get juries slyly winking and convicting people in any technical case they can.

The reason democracy works isn't just because the will of the people is good. It's because the will of the people bleeds through in almost everywhere, and they are charged with enforcing the laws. It's nice when the majority of people enforcing a law actually believe in it.

So yay, Roe v Wade means confident and well to do people can get abortions. Otherwise, you may still get charged for murder. I'm sure we can find better options.


At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Dante said...

Interesting... But which stance does this mean you take? If you say there are other "options" (or "possibilities"), do you have any suggestions?


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