Thursday, April 21, 2005

Two Pundits Walk Into a Bar...

In the NYT today David Brooks not information coming out about the author of Roe v Wade, and argues that Roe v Wade has caused such divisiveness since it’s a command from on high. A position I’ve certainly taken before.

Over at HNN, Ralph Luker counter-argues that there was poison over judges before Roe v Wade, so it must not be Roe v Wade that’s the problem.

I agree with both. Its judges that are the problem. Incredibly frustrating interpretations of the Constitution that overrule democratic laws, and don’t seem to be rights that a majority of our society agrees with let alone a supermajority, were not new in Roe v Wade.

(Not that that there isn’t plenty to complain about Brooks though. I certainly don’t trust him when it comes to interpreting the democratic will.)


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