Monday, May 02, 2005

Doubting Libs

Over here Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Reynolds, and others are arguing about “the conservativism of faith” and “of doubt”.

Over here liberals are responding with their own discussion of progressivism of faith and doubt.

Is it just me, or does this just seem a remix of libertarianism (doubt) and populism (faith)? Just talked about in more teleological terms. Well I do like doubt.

PS: I know some people dislike the word “progressive” since it just seems to be “well liberal isn’t popular, so we need a new word”. Well I like it.
A) Making the belief 30-50% of the country believes in into a dirty word is only going to change the word, and I don’t like that these people can’t express their ideology in “good soundbites”, so sure, nice for them to have a new word.
B) Progressive seems to make a lot more sense, etymologically speaking. Liberal has had a whole host of meanings, and the modern Democratic party does not end up anywhere near where Locke and Jefferson started off.
C) Whereas progressive just seems to be saying “we want the direction we went from 1950 to 2000, to continue happening towards 2050”, which, whether you agree with that or not, is kinda what the Democratic party stands for policy wise.

PPS: Yeah, calling Sullivan a conservative, of doubt or faith, is kinda absurd. But clearly there are some people who would fit his categories, even if it’s not him.


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