Thursday, September 08, 2005

Reform Ohio

Now this is the sort of thing progressives should really be getting behind in Ohio.

From NYT:

The Ohio secretary of state announced yesterday that a series of election-related constitutional amendments had qualified for the November ballot, including one intended to strip Republican elected officials of their control over drawing legislative districts.
The amendments are sponsored by Reform Ohio Now, a coalition dominated by Democrats, unions and watchdog groups. It celebrated the announcement and said a statewide campaign to win approval in November had begun.
. . .
The redistricting amendment calls for an independent commission that would replace state lawmakers in determining the boundaries of legislative districts. The other amendments would lower some campaign contribution limits, extend early voting to all voters and transfer oversight of elections to an appointed election master from the secretary of state's office.

Using the fact that the current governing party is scandalized to take away their power to map their districts is incredibly important. As much as I dislike the US Senate, one of the reasons it is a more moderate body than the House is because it has set constitutent bodies and if a member is doing poorly they can’t just adjust who they represent.

If there was any political group you were going to give money to in these days of Hurricane Katrina and ongoing poverty throughout the world, it would be this group.


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