Friday, September 23, 2005

Trolling the Electoral College

Trolls and people foolish enough to feed the trolls over at Ezra's today. The comments have degenerated into people saying
A) Democrats ideas are bad
B) So bad that no one votes for them
C) That more people vote for them doesn't count because that's not the way the game is played.

Here's one troll continuing that, and my amused response.

As for JR,

Total votes for Democratic candidates for US Senate, 2004: 94,965,901
Total votes for Republican candidates: 94,369,075

He thinks the rules should be changed so his team would win. He thinks in this NFL season that it should not be the team that wins the most games that gets home field advantage thru the playoffs and wins the Super Bowl. He thinks we should add up the total points a team scores throughout the season and whoever has the most points at the end of the year, regardless of their win/loss record, should win the championship.

What an idiot.

Posted by CT

I would love it if the NFL was set up like the electoral college.

Except, not every game would be equal. Some games would be worth more than others. Some are worth up to 10 times as many victory-points for the NFL Championship as other games are.

Oh, and the games don’t have the same number of players. Generally the one with the most players playing is the one with the most value. But the value isn’t directly proportional.

And some of these games don’t even have the same number of players on each side. There are a lot of games where there’s more players from the home team than the visiting team, or vice-versa. But that just means if the minority team wins, it’s a valuable upset.

And if a game ends in a tie, or is close by a few points, you don’t go into overtime. You just ask the referees to recount the points, or ask them to just decide who the winner was anyway.

That would be awesome!

Posted by: Rousseau

Page 129 of America The Book, by The Daily Show has a similar grasp of constitutional humor.


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