Monday, October 31, 2005


In light of the Supreme Court nomination and arguments going on about Democrats in congressional races, I thought it was apropos to make a few predictions about what I think will happen over the next two years.

1. Justice Alito will be confirmed despite a fierce battle where most of the public sides with Democrats but doesn’t care enough to convince the moderate Republicans to betray their party.

2. An 8-1 white male court with a solid 5 conservative votes will be as activist as Scalia or Thomas ever was, overturn Roe, and no longer be seen by liberals as a necessary supporter of constitutional rights.

3. Democrats will not get a majority of either the House or the Senate in 2006, despite winning the total popular vote in both cases.

4. The war in Iraq will get worse as both the public and Congressional legislation will try to contain it, and a powerful executive will continue it’s path of ignoring bad news and doing what it wants.

5. Liberals will come to outright despise the Constitution for holding back the popular will they feel supports them.

6. All this will be forgotten in the 2008 election, although it will cause Democrats to think more critically about the electoral college.


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