Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Everyone Hates the College

Just making sure any readers of this blog were aware of Slate's recent articles about the Electoral College, and why it should be taken out and shot. http://slate.msn.com/id/2105055/ .

For the sake of principle, every vote should count.
For the sake of legal simplicty, we should have uniform standards about how voting happens and what the electors do with that.
For the sake of pragmatism, we shouldn't let a few hundred or few thousand votes in a couple states be able to determine the president.

Shrug. Oh, and Colorado has been making significant progress in the ballot initiative that would split its electoral votes for the President. Overall obviously a step in the right direction, although in this case of it happening in just one state it's pretty mean and done just for partisan advantage. I ask Democrats to imagine how they'd feel about that happening in California. Of course the respect for state laws of great variance over how to distribute electoral votes, is what makes it possible for this state to have its interest (which is the reason d'eitre for the electoral cllege anyway, the interest of the states), diluted.

And I think Alan Keyes is going to continue to make me happy for the next couple months. Yesterday he said that perhaps state legislatures should be the ones appointing Senators. This is indeed what the Constitution originally enshrined. Fortunately we passed a Constitutional Amendment, and no longer deal with such a laughable end run around democracy. Still, I ask you 1) Why need an amendment of two thirds of the country or so to do this, and 2) What Constitutional provisions do you think future generations will be laughing at us about?


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