Thursday, June 02, 2005

On Libertarians

I like libertarianism and use it’s worldview at times simply because I really hate totalitarianism. Libertarian solutions can be moderate, technocratic, and a good antidote to run amok nationalism and absolutism.

Libertarians turn me off when they themselves are so goddamn absolutist and totalitarian:

Classic Mises: "Those who pretend that they want to preserve freedom, while they are eager to fix prices, wage rates, and interest rates at a level different from that of the market, delude themselves. There is no other alternative to totalitarian slavery than liberty. There is no other planning for freedom and general welfare than to let the market system work. There is no other means to attain full employment, rising real wage rates and a high standard of living for the common man than private initiative and free enterprise."

Wow, you have a choice between freedom or price fixing, and there’s no in between. It sounds like a totalitarian saying “The choice is between good and evil, there’s nothing else to consider”, you guys. There’s a lot else to consider. When libertarians start making such absolutist and dualist statements, like Ayn Rand and her Objectivist fan club, they’re just a cultural elite talking about things that make them feel superior. They aren’t actually interested in what makes powerful states and agents take away the freedom of our money and our minds.

Oh, and I’m glad to see someone talking about democratic populism vs. liberty, even though it’s in the context of limiting taxes as the threat.


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