Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Geena vs. House, no contest

Last night I tried to check out the new Geena Davis show, Commander in Chief. The Achenblog has a good review here

I am sure the creators of the show are fully credentialed liberals who believe they are advancing the cause of women in politics. But what's next, President Geena breaking a nail catastrophically during a state dinner? The show has to somehow get beyond its own gimmick of a woman president. Obviously women in politics face special challenges because of their gender. But it's not all they're about. It's not even necessarily their most interesting characteristic. Women have political philosophies, too, and maybe next week we'll learn more about President Geena's. Apparently she's a lot more liberal than her predecessor. Let's just hope she doesn't try to nationalize the shoe industry.

So, upon finding out that she’s an Independent (a sign that the creators of the show care more about not offending anyone right or left than they do about being interestingly realistic) I switched over to House, MD.

The dramatic promo for the evening’s show was about how they had to decide whether to cut off a man’s hands in order to save his life, but doing so would destroy his life’s work. On turning to the show, I found out he was a janitor. It seemed to really let down the importance of whatever drama is in this show, compared to the drama of TEH WOMAN PREZIDENT.

And yet of course House was better drama, and I felt bad about myself for not being able to take the janitor’s problems (and those of his family) more seriously.

The however was not helped by the end resolution of the show was that they do chop off the guy’s hands, and he sues them for malpractice, and the doctor’s gladly settle for a high amount in order to make his life better. Way to make the problems of the little people not matter, since we can just pay them off through back channels for what a life of work is worth anyway.


At 9:11 PM, Blogger Rebecca Neville said...

I was rather disapointed in this episode compared to previous episodes - at least as far as the a and b patient plots. Seemed much more interested in whether House had slept with his boss then anything else.


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