Tuesday, October 04, 2005

No, He is NOT

Can we please shut up about things like this


Miers won't be liked by Democrats and isn't liked by Republicans; she's a longtime Bush loyalist with no paper trail. Which may be why they picked her. While it's dropped off recently, there's long been talk about Karl Rove's single-minded obsession with constructing an enduring Republican majority. That means, among other things, ensuring that the right retains the power of backlash politics and doesn't, in triumph and ascension, lose momentum to the left. And one way to ensure that doesn't happen is to preserve Roe as something for the right's footsoldiers to eternally mobilize against, not let it be struck down so the left can arise to reclaim it.

I do not imagine that Republican-followers are that insanely stupid. Yes, it would be very much to the GOP’s advantage for them to be able to continuously rail against Roe v. Wade. And that is something I worried about a lot during the last election, that for some segment of the population they were running on the exact same platform as the previous election (abortion). But dangnamit, that does not mean they can avoid trying to overturn it when they get the chance, ok?


At 3:38 PM, Anonymous little_e- said...

yeah... that's just a moronic idea...

I'm trying to think of something useful to say which isn't just repeating stuff you already know, or 'keep up the good thoughts.'


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