Monday, October 31, 2005

On the New SCOTUS Nominee

Short Version: He supports strip searches of ten-year old girls without warrant.

We will have more Justices who are from Trenton, NJ, than who are of the fairer sex.

Long Version: You ever heard the phrase “it’s all over but the shouting”? This is what that meant. I respect that Sirota is more qualified and less-cronylike than Miers was, but that’s simply a matter of meeting the bare minimum qualifications for the office. It’s important that you have served as an actual Judge for a while, but largely so we can find out whether or not you believe crazy things like he has shown that he does.

In so far as it’s not really a question of whether or not to support him, it’s a matter of tactics now that he is in play. I’d say at least half the Republican Party has been waiting for this man for the past five years – and the other half is actually kinda scared. This includes men such as the Judiciary Chairmen, or the voters in Maine who send Olympia Snowe and Mary Collins to the Senate. They can be swayed, and it shouldn’t be hard to find evidence to do so.

And in fact, the distaste of him should be so obvious, that blaring out the scare factors regarding him should be the first response (the shouting in question). As my friend Dennis asked, why isn’t every blog simply stating the Short Version Quote Dennis provided me with.


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