Monday, August 23, 2004

A Proof of Bias

The following is a mathematical formula for generating a popular political blog:

1. Find a scene or comment that shows a media person kowtowing to a liberal or conservative politician or talking point (Bush ordering Cheez Whiz when he actually eats Provolone, etc.).
a) This could be completely out of context,
b) Even if it's not, it's hand-picked out of thousands of news items that happen each day.
c) Do some elementary statistical analysis to find how inevitable said item is each day.

2. Rant about how much this frustrates you. Tie it to cultural war or inside jokes.

3. Reference claim made by other blogger or talk show about how X the media is.
a) X is conservative or liberal, the opposite of what your audience's political leaning is.
b) Opposing website or talk show is able to make claim by taking the formula in Lemma 1.

4. Head explodes in frustration that people say media is X, when item from 1. just happened.

Anyway, it seems this has actually gotten worse in the last month or so. Let me know when it's safe to Read DailyKos, Atrios, or Instapundit again.


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