Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hackett Running for Senate

Remember when I said maybe Hackett wasn’t the best fit for the richest congressional district in Ohio?

Yeah, well he’s a great fit for the state of Ohio as a whole. So it’s good to hear he’s running. Mike DeWine is also a good guy (one of four Senators to back McCain in 2000) and so I gotta say I’ll be proud to have either of them representing me after 2006.


At 2:53 PM, Blogger Neil Sinhababu said...

Do you have any feelings on this Hackett/Sherrod Brown deal? I love Hackett, for all the reasons I gave before, but the fact that Kos and Jerome would rather have Sherrod makes me think that this is an area where things go beyond my knowledge.

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Rousseau said...

This seems to come down a lot to a previous discussion we've had on wanting more fresh faces running. All the reasons Kos thinks Brown would win in a primary (and to be clear Kos is offering convoluted logic not along the lines of one is better than the other or that one would beat DeWine better, just that since he thinks he can foresee the result of the primary Hackett shouldn't bother) are things we kinda want to steer Democrats away from if they're going to win more often. Brown has experience, many interest groups, and the state machinery knows him better. That's why party leaders win the primary, and not pretty figureheads.

If there was no primary and we just chose, clearly we'd rather have Hackett (moderate, charismatic) than a union Dem pol (who'd open a congressional seat mind you), with Brown's machine.

The amount of presumption on Kos that either will beat DeWine is kinda why I don't read the site. The DeWine family is strong and Ohio's been trending Republican, especially because the state Dem apparatus of Ohio is in the dumps (largely due to rust-belt-ification). Kerry had to entirely import his operation there. Maybe things are getting better, but this is in for a bruising GE that no one should take for granted, especially Dems.

Not to mention, Brown is progressive under some measures... but really in that part of the state that just means union-friendly. More Gephardt than Dean, know what I mean?

And lastly the intangibles: having Hackett on the national stage, be it a highly noticable election or actually Senator, will kinda rock.


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