Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Humble Judges

The Supreme Court has taken up an indefinate detainee case. Yay.

The new Chief Justice Roberts has previously ruled on this case, as a DC Appeals Judge. he ruled for the government. It can be assumed that Alito would rule the same way. Boo.

But, Roberts has recused himself from the case, because of his previous affiliation. Yay.

And as much as I disdain a defender of torture, I have to say I really respect that. In the past few years of Bush v Gore and Scalia's Duck-Hunting Buddy, it's become easy to view SCOTUS as enacting whatever they damn well please. Robert's "humbleness" seemed as dismissable as the whole "judicial activism = judgifying I don't like" trend. It's pretty good to hear he really does have respect for the procedurs and institutions.

Unless my primary goal was overturning Roe v Wade. Then I'd be pretty worried now.


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