Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gun Rights Story

Second Amendment fans are fond of telling how average home-owners protect their family and property with their constitutionally protected firearms. Just recently, one Cory Maye was woken in the middle of the night by a man busting through his bedroom door with no warning, and to protect his wife and daughter he shot the man dead.

Unfortunately for Cory, that man was a police officer, who was searching for drugs. Not on Cory of course, but belonging to his next door neighbor (who they had a search warrant for, but not for Cory). Cory had no criminal history, nor was there any reason to expect he was a threat.

Now the police officer is dead, and because of the poor performance of his character witnesses, Cory is on the hook for the death penalty.

What’s the problem here? Police departments who treat one class of criminal as if they require black-ops missions? A culture of fire-arms that creates the impression that we need to be prepared to shoot at any surprise? A legal system where a jury that feels you don’t respect your elders enough, can decide that you don’t deserve to live?

Anyway, it’s the celebre du jour, so I’m just spreading the news.


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